Princess Laura Adorkor Kofi/Kofey

Princess Laura Adorkor Kofi/Kofey

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


When you type in the name “Laura Adorkor Kofi, Kofey or  Koffey ”  a lot of hits will come up.  Some getting the story right but most with wrong info. What is so amazing about Princess Kofey is that she came to the U.S. not as an immigrant, not in search for a better life, not for any economic or spiritual gain but she came as a free native African in NO need of money, but to tell her fellow stolen African brothers and sisters (later called her children) that they can come back home if they wish.  And on top of being not only black but an African, she was a woman!  Her teaching reached so many blacks in America that when she was tragically murdered, she had thousands of thousands attend her funeral. But despite her sudden death, her legacy and teachings of being faithful to God and working to come home or trade with Africa did not die. Later, South African native Rev. Dr. Eli Nyombolo (a.k.a Lil Brother) continued her works and established a community along with her Church (Missionary African Universal Church). The community was given the name Adorkaville and is located in Jacksonville Florida, which she named (before her death) headquarters of all MAUC churches. The Missionary African Universal Church of Jacksonville FL remains headquarters.
Despite Lil Brother’s efforts to keep all Missionary African Universal Churches united…shortly after his death, many territories split from the MAUC. But as stated before, MAUC of Jacksonville FL remained headquarters. Many members (now former members) left the MAUC and started their own church claiming to be of mother’s teachings but the MAUC of Jacksonville FL was and is the only church that TRULY follow Princess Kofey’s teachings.  Even though many of these members CHOSE to leave the MAUC and relinquished all of their rights, they are posing as being headquarters AND as the owners of Adorkaville. I know the TRUE ACTIVE members of the MAUC and Adorkaville and have been told that these specific former members have tried to not only break up the MAUC but to sell the property  Lil Brother worked so hard to create for follower’s of Christ and of Princess Kofey’s  teachings. To this day, the REAL members of the MAUC headquarters fight endlessly to keep the property from being sold, destroyed and taken.  These former members have in the past, torn down historical houses from the site, put up for sales signs without the knowledge of the members and home dwellers of the property and even tried to relinquish different members’ rights as members of the church. These former members later LEFT the MAUC and started their own Church called Tabernacle. Here is a link to this .But since they left the MAUC (and left it in a mess..destroyed homes,  low membership due to their craziness, city violations..etc) why do they have the nerve to feel they should claim any rights and money on behalf of Adorkaville and the MAUC!? Does this make any sense??? It is believed and now is being slowly confirmed that these former members along with current, former and other government officials have been coercing efforts to force the members of MAUC to sale or give up Adorkaville. The MAUC members are constantly being cited from the city of buildings, grass cutting violations, none of which would have ever occurred had not these members tried SO hard to force all the members to leave and sale Adorkaville. It is sad how greed can cause people to turn into to evil, lying, conniving and selfish beings.
These former members not only started their OWN church but stole hymns, songs and writings from the MAUC. They have on their site the Creed that Lil Brother specifically wrote for the MAUC…not for imposters! Here is the link showing the creed . Sounds like copyright infringement!?  MAUC members have been finding out that Tabernacle leaders Kubini Keyes and Robert Keyes have been suspected to be receiving grants on behalf of Adorkaville.  They have no rights and are not even owners of the property  and have NO rights to any monetary gains from Adorkaville while the TRUE ACTIVE members struggle on a daily basis to hold on to the community. How is this right? But they call themselves children of the Princess and followers of Christ….is this Christ like?? 
Please know that the MAUC/Adorkaville at NO TIME received money from any groups, organizations and/ or companies and if anyone did receive money on their behalf, it was under false pretense.
They (former members) have a write up on their site describing the events that lead to THEM being the new headquarters… which is false. If you go to their site ( and under link “history”, click “know your church” which will lead to a Microsoft word Doc.  Here they describe their version of the history of the church.  But I have spoken to the original and still active members of the MAUC headquarters Jacksonville FL and they have the REAL story…...
This is not over, more so my investigation will come……
For more information on Princesss Laura (aka Mother) Kofey’s life and about Adorkaville, please visit this TRUE authenticated site:
If you will like to contact the TRUE Adorkaville group, please email them at

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